Nobody wants to die with regret. The Possibility of this is (and should be) truly terrifying. Because life is short. And it's ridiculously easy to die with regret. Simply:

Do what society (or your family) values instead of what you value

Never identify your own values.

Stay on autopilot.

Let your life be ruled by distraction and surface level pursuits.

Here's the thing, sometimes our purpose is decided for us. Think of brave soldiers going off to a just war, or brave parents caring for an ill child.

But many of us are gifted the opportunity to identify and live a purpose of our own choosing.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges returning soldiers face is to feel a sense of purpose again after their mission is over.

Living with purpose in a world of infinite possibilities and infinite distractions requires an intentional effort.

What's easy is not living with purpose. The default in our world is die with regret. Simply:

Put more energy and attention into planning your vacations than your actual life.

Because that's what most people do. And it's leading inevitably to deathbed regret. It's easy, because this lack of intentionality is the default. 

We're programmed for survival. Beyond survival, we tend to get lazy. But in a world where our basic survival is taken care of, we need to intentionally strive for a higher ideal, one of meaning and purpose. But, most won't. Instead, they'll spend most of their time aimlessly drifting through life, working jobs they hate to pay for things that don't bring them lasting happiness.

Cars, vacations, gadgets, and even an abundance of free time won't lead you away from deathbed regrets. Because you don't want your gravestone to read:

"Here lies a man/woman who DOMINATED at Farmville."

Does that sound like a purposeful life? Absurd right? But if the gravestones of 2030 were being honest, some of them might say just that. 

What is Purpose, Anyways?

Purpose is one of those concepts that could be difficult to grasp. It's not something you possess like a car or a home. Instead, it's a way of being. It manifests in every one of our actions and thoughts. Which is why we define purpose as:

Living out your highest values every day.

It sounds simple, but don't let that fool you. Very few people can honestly say they're living their highest values daily. It comes down to one of three problems:

1. "What are values?"

2. Not identifying values

3. Continuing to live others' values even after identifying one's own

It's the rare individual who a) knows what values are, b) has identified their own, and c) is able to subjugate others values for their own. (Note: If you are such a person, you can stop reading now. You don't need The Purpose Method.)

Of those three failures of value, number 1 and 2 are the most common. Most people either haven't identified their highest values, or, for whatever reason, just can't seem to prioritize their own values.

We know it's widespread. As one (super purposeful) friend told us, "Just look at what 95% of people are doing and do the opposite."

So, what's the opposite of what 95% of people are doing? It comes down to intentionally identifying your values and then creating and following a thorough plan for living them out.

There's also a big component about accountability, which is just a ten dollar word for surrounding yourself with other purposeful people, but more on that below.

None of this is shocking, is it?

We never learn this stuff. It's not taught in school. If we have any values training at all, it's for the societal values. Nobody teaches us how to identify our own values and then develop a plan to live it out.

Until now, of course.

The Birth of a Solution

We spent years searching before creating this training. You see, both of us have had the following experiences:

We've been successful

We've chased shallow achievement

We've 'had it all' on the surface

We've lacked joy in our work

We've been unhappy in relationships

We've carried a heavy burden

We've lived for others' values

We've been unable to identify our own values

We realized there was a problem

And most importantly, like you, we decided to do something about it.

Because the thing about realizing your life lacks meaning is that you can't ignore it. It's like the existential version of a ruptured appendix. It bloody well hurts and if you don't do something about it RIGHT NOW it will only get worse.

But, depending on how long you've been looking for a solution like this you probably noticed the same problem thing we did:

There are thousands of personal development companies but none that offer a thorough, step-by-step methodology.

We found plenty of piecemeal solutions and plenty of talk about 'following your gut.' But before now, there's never been a consistent, coherent, and comprehensive PLAN for helping you identify and live a life of purpose.

Why is this a problem?

Because without such a plan, we inevitably 'forget.' Purpose is important, we say, but life gets in the way. We set out with guns blazing, but then we hit roadblocks.

We 'drift away' from deep purpose in favor of surface level achievements. And the world is more than happy to help you with such 'hacks.' 

One program promises to make you rich. Another to improve your relationships. Another yet guarantees fitness. There are programs for sexual gratification, spiritual enlightenment, and, well anything else at all...

On and on it goes.

How do we know this? Because we've personally chased this roller coaster. We know what it's like to 'solve' a problem only to realize it was a symptom.

But we learned that the only solution has to come from within. It comes by living in alignment with our deepest values.

All the other problems seem to disappear when we wake up every morning with purpose.

We know what you're thinking:

"That all SOUNDS great. But how do you deliver on a promise like this? How does The Purpose Method actually work?"

This is one of our favorite questions, because we've given this a lot of thought. But more importantly, we've tested it in the real world. The Purpose Method has been delivered to about 100 people already, and with every new graduate, our case study grows.

Through all this testing and tweaking, we've developed a system for committed and growth-oriented people to develop and live their purpose. It starts with your commitment. And, since you're still reading, we're going to assume you're committed.

But the feeling of commitment can fade fast without the rest of the method. It's incredibly easy to go off track. In fact, asking for your commitment and getting excited for change is probably something you've experienced before.

 But it's not enough to create lasting transformation. This is why we guide you through the building of a proven and thorough plan to ensure you stay on track.

Create a Plan Based On Your Values

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The Steps to Purpose

The Purpose Method training will walk you through these proven steps

  • Step #1: Identify Your Values

    Most people never identify their highest values, let alone live them. In The Purpose Method, we'll provide you with a system to identify, measure, and track your values. This shines a spotlight on where you need to focus your attention.

  • Step #2: Envision Your Purpose

    Using our deep-dive questions, you'll use your unique ability to foresee a better life. With our guidance, you'll put your mind in a creative space and imagine the possibilities. You'll discover what life could look and feel like with purpose. With this compelling vision in place, you'll move onto the more practical steps of the process.

  • Step #3: Determine Your Investment

    Whatever life you're currently living has come at a cost. In much the same way, the life of purpose you're choosing will also come at a cost. This is where so many fail. Because, unless you're willing to invest in your purpose, it'll be nothing more than a grandiose dream.

  • Step #4: Aim Your Sights

    The problem with most goals is that they aren't based on your deep values. But value-based goals are healthy, external measures. We'll provide you with a simple but effective goal setting framework that ensures you act towards your deepest values.

  • Step #5: Set Your Objectives

    Goals are vital signposts along the way, but they're too big to guide daily action. We'll show you how to break each goal into bite-sized objectives that ensure your activities are aimed at your deepest values.

  • Step #6: Plan Your Updates

    By the end of The Purpose Method, your entire purpose plan will be in place. But then life will punch you in the face... repeatedly. This is why we'll prepare you with a method and schedule to update and recommit to your purpose.

Follow the Proven Steps to Identify and Live Your Purpose

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Create Your Own Purpose Constitution

What would it be like to have a set of documents to guide your life?

The Purpose Method is a series of steps -- a method -- that anyone use to implement a life plan based on deepest values. But we forgive you if you're skeptical. If you're like most people, you know what it's like to get excited by change only to go off track when 'life gets in the way.'

Well, we've thought of this in advance and tested a solution. Which is why a very important part of The Purpose Method is to create an actual, physical document that you'll use as a guide for the rest of your life.

We call it The Purpose Constitution.

In much the same way that the world's greatest nations rely on a constitution to guide them, you'll do the same. It makes sense if you think about what a constitution really is. They're guiding documents that are drawn up based on what's right not on the temporary whims and desires of any individual or interest group.

Think of your own internal executive functions like a governing body. Do you want the shifting, moment-by-moment thoughts, needs, and desires to be making all the decisions? Or, do you want your best self to be guide your day-by-day thoughts and actions?

You'll feel a transformation immediately by using The Purpose Method. This is the nature of big picture thinking and visioning. It's almost always inspiring. And this is where most attempts at change end. They're great at getting you pumped up, but not so good at the long haul it takes to instill real change.

The greatest (true) transformation is leading yourself, with purpose, through anything the future might hold. Whenever you have a dilemma or decision to make, you'll refer back to your Purpose Constitution. This ensures you choose based on your deepest values.

But you're going to change, aren't you? We've foreseen this, too. Because it's true in our lives and in every other life we know. As we grow, our purpose grows with us. This is why we're going to give you a plan for 'amending' your constitution, so you know you're always operating with a complete worldview.

Be the Founder of Your Own Purpose Constitution

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The Purpose Constitution: A Set of Guiding Documents

  • 1. Values' Ledger

    The Values' Ledger is a key part of The Purpose Constitution that will allow you to measure and track where you stand in relation to your deepest values. No more fooling yourself or straying off track. You'll always know where to place your attention.

  • 2. Purpose Declaration

    Using our powerful questions, your best self will envision the future. Then, you'll declare your purpose. This compelling vision will be your personal reminder of what's possible. This is your own version of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

  • 3. Investment Prospectus

    Whatever life you're living has come at a cost. Creating your life based on purpose will also come at a cost. It's easy to get excited by a new life, but unless you're willing to invest in your purpose, it will be nothing more than a grandiose dream.

  • 4. Valued Targets

    With the big picture work work complete, now we undertake the work to actually make it real. Setting targets based on your values keeps you focused on what actually matters daily. Achieving values' based goals doesn't leave you feeling fulfilled.

  • 5. Purpose Objectives

    Next, you'll next break your goals into bite-sized objectives. This is a constantly updating set of tasks in alignment with your best self. What would it feel like to know that even mundane tasks are in service of your best self? There's no wasted time when acting on values.

  • 6. Amendment Map

    You will grow, change, shift, and achieve goals. As you do so, your life purpose will change with you. Following an expired purpose is unfulfilling. This is why The Purpose Constitution comes built-in with scheduled time and a method for amending.

Why Does The Purpose Method Work?

The Reliable Steps to Intentional Transformation

It's pretty incredible what it means to learn something. In a very real sense, something fundamental has to change in you.

And, it's an act of faith, because it's not always the case that change is even a good idea. Given the choice, why not just stay the same? The reality is that most people do stay the same, never changing at all. Most of us can relate to the expression: "Stuck in a rut."

But failing to change isn't always a failure. It's often a better strategy to stay the same than change, because change takes effort. 

But staying the same is sometimes a terrible strategy.

Here's the reality, you probably wouldn't even be contemplating The Purpose Method if you were in such a place. It probably IS time for you to make values' based transformation. 

 We often see the world through a journey metaphor. Life is often like an overseas trip, full of wonder and new experiences. New challenges arise when least expected, but figuring them out reveals our true abilities and even the fact that figuring it all it is the joy of life. surprise us.

This is how we must experience the world in order to transform. So how do we actually learn (and thus change)? 

Well, for starters, you have to realize that there are two types of change -- accidental and intentional. Of the two, intentional is much more difficult. Any number of default-mode related activities (and inactivities) will lead to accidental change.

You didn't intend to gain 20 (or 60, or 100) pounds of fat after high school, did you? But the default habits of eating too much junk food and drinking too much alcohol may well have led you there.

In fact, it's statistically unlikely that you haven't gotten out of shape since your teen years. Ask the rare person in similarly good shape as their high school selves, and you'll find almost without fail they've been intentional in staying in shape.

Intentional change is hard, but there are a series of reliable steps that work. And if you think back to the times in you life when you learned something new, then used that knowledge to change your behavior, you'll find that all these moments share a few traits. 

Thi is a method to personal transformation. We've studied this method and practiced it ourselves. And we've built this into The Purpose Method (hence the clever name). Let's take a look at these steps that will guide you through the process of producing change in you.

Unlock the Proven Steps to Transformation

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A Personal Transformation Primer

Here's How You'll Change Yourself With The Purpose Method

  • 1. Readiness & Commitment

    Humans appear to see the world and their own lives through a story lens. When setting out to change, we must believe we're at an inflection point in our own story. Usually, to feel this way we need to perceive current or future pain. By living unconsciously, most people can't anticipate future bad outcomes or envision much better outcomes. The Purpose Method guides you through both and shows you how to accept the short-term pain of transformation to improve future outcomes.

  • 2. Intention & Planning

    Most personal transformation comes with overwhelming excitement. In this state, our transformation seems inevitable. Then 'life happens.' Sure, we may still change, but what we create may be like Frankenstein's monster -- different than our vision and potentially damaging. This happens when we lose focus on our deepest values. No transformation is perfect, but by substituting excitement with careful planning (at the right time), we can eliminate the Frankenstein-effect of transformation.

  • 3. Community & Accountability

    We believe we're 'free agents' choosing whatever we want. But environment often controls our behavior. The people, space, and ideas we surround ourselves with change us. The Purpose Method puts you in an environment of purpose. And at the end, we'll show you our method to identify your own powerful 'mastermind' of purposeful people.

Embark on Your Purpose Journey

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What's the Commitment?

Your Time and Our Time

By now you're probably wondering exactly what you'll be committing to. Is The Purpose Method a lifelong process? A quick and dirty webinar? Of course, it's something in between.

Our goal with The Purpose Method is to equip you with a lifelong system that will guide you, ensure that you continue to live your values, and evolve alongside you.

But, the actual training is only 5 weeks of 'high touch' transformation. You'll spend a couple of hours per week learning, creating, and implementing The Purpose Method. This pilot program will span the month of June and the early part of July. Let's take a look at how we'll support you through this process.

What You'll Get

How the Course is Delivered

  • Group Calls

    Every week we'll walk you through one part of The Purpose Method. These sessions will be both learning and discussion. By the end of five weeks, you'll have your entire purpose plan in place and Purpose Constitution written. If, for any reason you can't make one of the calls, it will be available as a recording.

  • Writing Assignments

    Creating change requires work. The Purpose Method is based goes beyond feeling excitement to a space of actual purpose-based transformation. Each week you will have a clear assignment, and by the end of the 5 weeks, you'll have your Purpose Constitution to ensure you live in alignment with your deepest values.

  • 1-to-1 Calls

    Transformation isn't easy. This process WILL challenge you. Doing difficult things becomes much easier with the right support, encouragement, and a clear understanding of where the change is leading you. These calls ensure you get the support needed to achieve the transformation you seek.

  • Email Support

    Think of yourself as Aladdin and us as your personal genies. But instead of a magic lamp, we come to your bidding when you summon us with a magic email. We're always available by email, which is perfect because the best time to ask a question is when it comes up. We'll answer your query within 1 business day and setup a call if needed.

  • Purpose Community

    Change rarely happens alone. To ensure a successful transformation, the best strategy is to surround yourself with others on the same journey. As part of the Purpose Method, we're going to show you how to identify (or find) your own powerful community of values' led individuals. And, you'll get automatic membership our private group.

  • Talk Missions

    You'll know purpose is part of your life when you move beyond thinking about it into speech and action. It can be difficult to speak about purpose. But we'll show you how to initiate purpose-based conversations. Don't worry, you won't be announcing the 'new you.' But in having these conversations you'll cement your change and attract other purpose people.

The Price & The Value

As mentioned, this version of The Purpose Method is a pilot. But that doesn't mean it's brand new or untested. On the contrary, we've delivered this training about 100 times already. 

But until now, it's always been delivered in person, usually in short, intense bursts. But we wanted to bring The Purpose Method to a much wider audience, which is why we're creating it as a course you can do from your own home.

Yes, we'll still offer it face-to-face, but this pilot will be delivered online and over the phone. But here's the thing, once we begin offering this course to the general public, we'll charge at least $997 for it.

But for now, this pilot program is available for only $497. 

This might seem kind of crazy on our part. But there's a very good reason we're offering it for half price, despite the fact this pilot will take more effort for us.

You see, we'll be delivering this as a 'high touch' pilot. Which means we'll be investing a lot of our time. We're doing this because, before we can release this course to the general public, we still need to gather more information. 

So, we're going to use this pilot to learn exactly where Purpose Method participants need more support and where there's friction.

This is important, because the reason for building this course is to create transformation. Part of the responsibility for that is on participants, of course. But it's even more on us. We have to identify the difficulties in advance in order to guide our students effectively.

So, because we're running this as a pilot, we're willing to offer the course for half price. The other, hidden half we'll receive is information, which is invaluable to us.

Does that sound fair?

The crazy thing, though, is that if you were to hire either of us individually, you'd pay at least $200 per hour. But that's okay, we're more than happy to make this tradeoff to reach our goal. Which is to make this course completely bulletproof so we can share it with the world and reach a much wider audience.

We don't talk about this often, but our goal is train a million people to live their highest values. There is zero chance we will be able to reach that goal unless we take this training online.

"So, how much is $497 anyways?"

There are a lot of ways to imagine $497 dollars. It's a pair of Yeezy sneakers. It's a couple of nights on the town (at mid range establishments). It's a fraction of a Bitcoin. It's anywhere between less than an hour to a couple days of your labor (depending on your income).

The bottom line is that it's not that much. But money is interesting because it speaks to priority. A lot of people would look at this price tag and immediately recoil, thinking, "Who would spend that kind of money on a course about purpose?"

No hard feelings, but if that's you then we'll say arrivederci right now. We're here to serve committed and growth-oriented people. And for these kind of people $497 for real transformation is an insanely good deal. In fact, it's the best money you'll ever spend.

Another way to think about the price tag is to compare it to what you're already paying. This sounds ridiculous, because you haven't spent any money yet, right?

Are you sure about that? What are some of the costs of living a life without purpose? For example, what's the cost of:

Deep-seated dissatisfaction?

Dying without leaving an impact?

Not being present in your relationships?

Your future healthcare bill?

Waking up in the morning directionless and going to bed in despair?

A fancy car you buy in a predictable mid-life crisis?

Any one of these is a huge cost. So, why be like the majority of people, living without purpose and always wondering, "what if?"

Why not prioritize your life around your highest values? Why not make a small investment in a system that's already been proven to work and that guides you through the building of your own personal and comprehensive purpose plan?

But hey, don't take our word for it, check out what some past Purpose Method students have to say about the program.


What Others Are Saying About The Purpose Method

“I took the very traditional path of law in university. But during articling, I realized I didn't want the life my expensive degree was about to give me. I knew I needed to change course. I took The Purpose Method during this transitional phase, and it gave me clear direction. I launched my business, and have never been more fulfilled and excited by life than I am now.”

Thomas Walker, Co-Founder of Metta Beverage Inc.Thomas Walker, Co-Founder of Metta Beverage Inc.

“I was working at a consulting firm and had long dreamed of going out on my own. Going through The Purpose Method I identified my values and saw misalignment. I knew I needed live for my own values. I launched myself as an independent consultant. I've done very well. And the Purpose Constitution keeps me on track when I meet the inevitable challenges.”

Travis Streb, Executive Coach and ConsultantTravis Streb, Executive Coach and Consultant

“A couple years ago, I moved to a new city, and it was a challenge to establish myself. I did The Purpose Method with Mike, and life became a puzzle, with pieces fitting in place. I got into fitness, which gave me confidence. Then I started looking for career opportunities. Within a year I started working at an amazing company and launched a side business that's growing.”

Luke Marek, Owner at Oak & OreLuke Marek, Owner at Oak & Ore

“As a professional soldier, I had a built-in purpose. But I struggled post-military to identify my own values. I knew I wanted to help people in the personal growth space. But I lacked clarity. Using the Purpose Method I figured out the next steps. The frustration melted away. Before I felt like a Ferrari revving its engine at an intersection. But now I'm making consistent progress and doing meaningful things.”

Ryan Thomas, Host at The Intimate LifestyleRyan Thomas, Host at The Intimate Lifestyle

“I'm a young hustler, doing well as a digital marketer. It was easy to get caught up in the standard narrative that my work and my own concerns are all that matter. Doing The Purpose Method helped me realize where my deepest values lie. I wanted to give more of my energy to a mission bigger than work and making money. I've made some powerful life choices with this knowledge. ”

Tyler Bowles, Independent Digital MarketerTyler Bowles, Independent Digital Marketer

The Purpose Method Money Back Guarantee

Here's the thing... We believe in this process. This training isn't about us. It's about the process. And we've seen it impact others.

Which is why we guarantee that you'll more-than-recoup your initial investment in The Purpose Method. And we'll refund your money if you don’t feel you’ve improved your future outcomes (by at minimum $497) in things like:

Healthcare & Sickness Downtime

The Cost of Family Disconnection

Opportunity Cost

Buying Stuff You Don't Need to Fill an Empty Hole Inside You

Missing Out on Business & Professional Opportunities

Listlessness and Distraction

Here’s the thing, we don't want to take your money. We want a fair exchange of value. And we can't achieve that unless you feel you're getting at minimum as much value as you've paid.

Of course, we believe you'll get much more value out of this than the $497 invested. We wouldn't be doing this unless we believed that. There are much easier things to do in the world than create, launch, and teach a course about purpose.

We're doing this because we believe it will create 10x, 100x, and maybe even 1000x transformations. 

Because we believe this, we feel very comfortable guaranteeing that you'll get at least $497 worth of value from this course.

But crazy things happen, and sometimes people just aren't ready for transformation. Maybe you won't like our haircuts. Who knows? We get it. It might not work for you. So, if at any time within 90 days of the last live call (June 30th), you don’t think you’ve received $497 worth of value, here’s what we’ll do:

1. We’re get on a call with you as soon as possible to get you back on track.

2. We'll create a plan with you to get you living your highest values.

3. If this doesn't work and there's no fixing the situation, we'll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Yeah, we know, we sound pretty confident. That's because, if you think about it, one small decision can easily save you or make you $497. For example: 

We've seen a guy hop on a cross continent flight to visit an ex-partner. If he'd have identified his your values he'd have realized the lack of alignment. Canceling that ticket alone would have paid for The Purpose Method.

It would be shocking if The Purpose Method wasn't worth (at least) what you pay for it. So basically, what what we're saying is that there's no risk to you.

Meet Your Instructors

  • Michael Muscari

    Michael Muscari


    Mike Muscari discovered his talent for business early. And at age 34, he's already built multiple 6-figure businesses in the service and e-commerce sectors. An entrepreneur through and through, The Purpose Method reflects his entrepreneurial drive. There are no fuzzy edges here. The program is designed to create actual results. Mike has been delivering earlier versions of The Purpose Method for 3 years. And his favorite thing to do is sit in cafes doing one-on-one and small group consulting and coaching sessions. Using this method, he's helped countless entrepreneurs and individuals get real results in business and life. Mike is an expert in: business strategy, group leadership, marketing strategy, e-commerce, sales, and purpose.
  • Zander Robertson

    Zander Robertson


    Zander Robertson is a creative entrepreneur, turning ideas into sale-able solutions. He's been on his own purpose journey for at least 8 years. And when he took an earlier version of The Purpose Method, Zander immediately grasped the power of Mike's systematic, repeatable approach. He implemented the system and continues to use it to guide his life. Soon after meeting, Zander and Mike began working on this version of The Purpose Method. Zander is the writerly influence on this two-man team. He wrote every word on this page, along with millions of other words on other pages (and in books). Zander is expert at: writing, editing, website and email management, and purpose.

Objections & Justifications

  • "I don't have enough time."

    Is that really true? Because it doesn't actually take that long for a potentially life-changing result. If this is your concern, it's much more likely about priorities. If you want this to be a priority but haven't made it so, then consider altering your perspective.

  • “I don’t have enough money."

    The last thing we want do to is break you. If you're down to your last $497, it's probably not a good idea to spend it on this course. But again, this justification speaks more to priorities. What's your priority? An expensive pair of sneakers or a life of purpose? A night on the town or a life of purpose? One day of clothes shopping or a life of purpose? It helps to put it in perspective and consider what you'll get for this small investment.

  • "It won't work for me."

    Have you ever heard the expression, "Once bitten, twice shy?" We get it, there are a lot of promises out there about transformation and change. The reality is that you're largely in control of what you allow to change you or not. What we can say is that this training has been tested on a lot of people already and has been successful. We've designed it for transformation and we're here to support you as you grow. And if all that fails, you can always get your money back. There's no risk in trying.

  • "I'm too old to change."

    We've heard people as young as 25 say this. This is just crazy. You're never too old to change. In fact, change is inevitable. You'll change regardless of whether or not you try. The only question is: will you change intentionally, based on your highest values, or accidentally, based on someone else's values?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does it start?

    The first live group-training call is on Saturday, June 2nd.

  • When does it end?

    The last group-training call is Saturday, June 30th, 2018 but there will be a bit more work to do at home after that.

  • How much time will it take?

    In addition to the 90-minute group training calls, you can expect to do at least one hour per week of self-work. Plus, you'll have 3 one-on-one calls during the program.

  • Is the money back guarantee some kind of scam?

    No, we will actually refund your money. But before doing that, we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your transformation. Please don't sign up to this program with the intention of not transforming. It will be a waste of everyone's time.